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Technology that makes reuse scalable.

300 million tons of packaging waste heads to landfill each year. We’re changing that.

Topanga's ReusePass tracked reusable container.

We power reusable packaging programs that save money and are (actually) sustainable.

Track how many reusable containers you get back

Return rate

Measure your environmental impact

Containers saved
from landfill

Monitor daily participation and activity

Checked-out today
Returned today
Past due

We support

Grubhub campus dining
The rounds
Cook unity
Topanga is partnered with Sodexo campus dining

more than 30 colleges and universities

Reusing packaging is fundamental for a successful reuse program

An average reusable container requires 2-4 uses to be environmentally and economically superior to single-use.

That's where we come in
Reusable packaging

Topanga's track and trace system captures key events for each reusable container. Track where your reusable packaging goes and ensure you get it back.

Close-up of Topanga's RFID/QR tagged reusable container.
Container #AB456
Customer #1235
Location: Venice
Date: Nov 4

Due back date

Nov 5
Location: 3rd Party Warehouse 
Date: Nov 6
Location: Venice
Date: Nov 7
ReusePass Reusable packaging customer
Checked-out to customer
Container #AB456
Customer #1235
Location: Hollywood
Date: Nov 2

We offer solutions that create transparency and drive accountability for reusable program managers, day-to-day operators, and customers.

Our platform can power any reusable packaging program.

Enterprise-grade API

Our enterprise-grade API is the first of its kind in the circular economy. Explore a custom integration with Topanga to power your reuse system using existing tech and tools.

Code-free products

Our no-code suite of products will help you launch or pilot a reusable packaging system with no in-house tech team required.

Help your customers build better habits.

Set custom reusable container checkout windows wtih reusepass
Set custom reusable container late fees with ReusePass
reusepass reusable packaging program return reminders

Monitor and measure the success of your program.

Topanga's ReusePass drives reusable container return rates over 99%
Topanga's Dashboard measures how many reuses each of your assets has.

Manage inventory and day-to-day logistics.

ReusePass reusable container tracking
ReusePass reusable container tracking
Topanga provides operator-friendly inventory management for packaging.
Topanga's ReusePass webapp drives accountability for reusable container programs and campus didning.
ReusePass reuser QR codes work like checking out a library book.

Topanga's campus reuse program will prevent 1 million single-use containers from heading to the landfill  this semester.

Topanga's code-free ReusePass program helps campuses offer effective reusable container programs. Plus, we've partnered with Grubhub to make ordering in reusables as easy as possible!

We'll help you launch and manage a successful reusable packaging program.

We're a team of reuse experts who offer close collaboration and support to help you design, manage and launch the reusable packaging program that meets your unique customer and operational needs.

Resuable coffee cup


  • Economic and Environmental ROI analysis

  • Program & Service Design

  • Implementation and packaging procurement plan


  • On-demand tech and account management support

  • Custom reporting and analysis

Considering reuse for your business? Let's chat.

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