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Dashboard | Locations Overview

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

We’ve heard from many dashboard users that they need location management capabilities, such as adding and editing locations. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and streamline the dashboard experience, as of November '23, we’ve updated the location structure and functionality in the dashboard.

First, here is a quick overview on the parent and scanning locations structure.

What are parent locations?

Parent locations are typically a geographic grouping comprising sub-locations or stations where scanning can occur. If we take the example of a campus, I would call the Student Union a parent location because it’s a building that houses different eateries and dining facilities where scan events may occur.

Ex. Parent location = “Student Union”

Parent locations contain one or more scanning locations, or places where a scan event can occur.

What are scanning locations?

Scanning locations may be a dishwasher, cashier, or retail station like a salad bar or coffee shop. Each of these places would be considered a ‘scanning location’ under the student union ‘parent location.’

Ex. Scanning location = “Student Union - Sally’s Salad Bar”


Ready to create a new location?

Check out this quick tutorial that guides you through the process.

Need to update or manage your existing locations?

This tutorial will show you how to edit and archive scanning and parent locations.



Please contact our team if your location naming doesn’t look right or you are experiencing issues with adding or managing locations.

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