The only technology powered reusable packaging platform

We help enterprises launch and manage reusable programs that drive customer engagement and ROI.

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Topanga offers the technology, tools and expertise necessary to launch and manage a reusable packaging program

We stand apart with our focus on individually tracking reusable containers. Our technology supports operators, program managers, and consumers to keep containers in circulation.

Asset tracking & traceability's API and out-of-the-box ScanApp enables business to track and trace each reusable container. Our platform is packaging and tagging (QR, RFID, etc.) agnostic, our team will work with you to identify and procure materials that meet your business' needs.


Our Loop Dashboard is the control panel for any Topanga managed reusable packaging program; track inventory levels, assets, customer insights, and ESG metrics.

Customizable consumer UI

Enable customers to keep track of which reusable containers they have at home, show personalized impact metrics and use reward incentives to drive engagement.  

Reusable containers



Our API is the first of it's kind in the circular economy, unlocking end-to-end reuse programs that can be tailored to any business

Trackable reusable cup

Scan container back-in

Tell customer when due back

Remind customer to return

Wash & recirculate

Recognize return or hold accountable if not returned

Monitor inventory & success

Trackable reusable cup

Scan container out to customer

And, we're the only reuse platform that can quantify impact on the environment and your bottom line

Topanga technology enables traceability, making it possible to accurately measure the economic and environmental performance of your reusable program so you can ensure the switch to reusable packaging will save you money and open new revenue streams.

Topanga offers data-driven insights into your reusable packaging program performance.
Topanga is the first reusable packaging platform to drive measurable ROI.
Topanga reusable packaging

Reuse beats single-use packaging alternatives through every environmental measure - climate, water, land-use, waste, and pollution. 

Industries we support




Quick Service

Grocery Delivery

Meal Prep



Pet Food



Clothing Rental 

We provide end-to-end reusable program design and support, not just the tracking technology

Our team will work with you to define a reusable program that supports your unique customer and operational needs.

As a first-of-its-kind management platform for reusable packaging programs, we’re here to help from day 1 to day 10000000.


Design your reusable container program

ROI analysis

Program and service design​

Procurement expertise


Launch your reusable container program

Individually tagged assets

Data collection tools

Tech-stack integrations


Optimize your reusable container program

Inventory management

Consumer insights & rewards

ESG metrics

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