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Reusable container tracking

Powered by Topanga


Topanga’s track and trace technology makes it easy to manage your reusable packaging program

Drive higher return rates and monitor your reusable container inventory
Increase container returns through incentives and automated reminders
Recoup costs on unreturned reusable containers

The Topanga ScanApp tracks each step in a reusable container's lifecycle

With a simple scan, you can gain insights into when a reusable container was filled with product, which customer it was checked out to, and when it was returned to inventory.

Reusable container tracking

Our Loop Dashboard turns scan data into actionable insights about your reusable packaging program

Topanga reusaable program management

A unique system of incentives and reminders unlocks transparency for your customers and boosts return rates

Topanga provides the technology needed to help your end-users keep track of which reusable containers they have at home and when they need to be returned.

  • Out-of-the-box consumer tracking UI

  • SMS and return reminders support

  • Personalized sustainability metrics 

  • Full back-end and SDK integrations

Reusable container customer tracking
Customer SMS reminders

Topanga's software supports all reusable container packaging and tracking methods

With Topanga’s reusable container tracking, you own the reusable packaging and we’ll help you track it. Our track and trace technology is designed to support a wide range of tracking methods, including QR and RFID.

Need help to identify what type of reusable packaging and tracking tags to use? Our team of reuse experts will help you procure reusable packaging that is best for your business needs. 

Choose your own packaging

QR reusable container tracking

RFID reusable container tracking

Reusable jars

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