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Our lowest-touch solution to launch a reusable packaging program that drives real impact.

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A low-touch solution for data-driven reusable container tracking.

AssetPath leverages laborless RFID technology to measure and report on cost savings, environmental impact, and overall program performance.


Diners don't need to create accounts - they simply choose to reuse.

Our turnkey marketing signage fosters collective action among diners, encouraging high return rates. 


No more guesstimating.
Topanga's Dashboard delivers reliable data and consumable insights.


View asset tracking insights

  • Return rate

  • Reuse rate

  • Cost savings

  • Volume by location

Monitor your inventory levels

  • Count of lost and retired containers

  • Average cycle rate

  • Lifespan by asset type

Best-in-class services complement Topanga's award-winning products. 

Topanga provides white-glove account management and always-on IT support each step of the way. 


  • Program and service design 

  • Inventory planning and procurement support

  • Access to self-serve resource hub and turn-key marketing signage


  • On-site and virtual
    operator trainings

  • On-site engagement and ambassador program s

  • Dedicated diner
    support lines


  • Expand reach via promos, incentives, and
    impact reporting

  • Launch at new locations

  • Scale to RFID + tap-to-enter technology


Already have containers? No need to buy new inventory!

Topanga lets you choose your own packaging - read more here.

Reusable jars

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