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Topanga’s ReusePass helps campuses launch and scale reusable to-go programs.

Topanga specializes in borrow-and-return programs that ensure reusable containers actually get reused. Whether you’re switching from single-use to reusable or looking to improve an existing reuse program, we’ll help you save money and meet your sustainability goals.

Reusable container tracking with Topanga's ReusePass
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A reusable container program that's frictionless for students and food service operators



Operators check containers out to students by scanning the QR code on the container and the student's unique ReusePass QR. 



Students enjoy their meal waste free. Their ReusePass account shows them which containers they've checked out and when they are due back.



Students return container to designated locations on campus. Containers are scanned back-in as they are washed and prepared for reuse.

ReusePass drives accountability, resulting in reusable container return rates over 98%.

QR & RFID tracking for reusable containers

Our operator-facing ScanApp can be downloaded on any device and our tracking tags can be applied to any packaging. We make tracking your packaging fleet a breeze!

Fully customizable program settings

Customize your rental period, set late fees, and offer rewards - no deposit scheme needed!

Simple sign-up and check-out process for students

Student’s don’t need to download an app to participate. With ReusePass, students can save their ReusePass QR to their mobile wallet, manage their rentals, find return locations, and track their sustainability stats.

Personalized SMS reminders boost returns

Our signature SMS Reminders nudge students to return containers. You have the flexibility to adjust when SMS' are triggered and what they say. 

Manage your reusable container rentals in real time.

Our Loop Dashboard provides the tools you need to monitor success and manage your reusable container program:​


  • Check your return rates and see how often containers are being reused 

  • Monitor daily activity levels 

  • Measure customer participation and growth

  • Manage inventory levels across locations

  • Analyze data to use for your campus sustainability report Reuse Program Dashboard
Head Chef,
University of South Carolina

"ReusePass is a great and user-friendly system that is convenient for our staff.

Boston University

"I would be devastated if the school took the program away.

Arkansas State

"Topanga has proven to be a great return on our investment.

Proven to work in residential and retail environments

Students can download their pass to their mobile wallet for quick and easy checkout in residential (either part of this point or a separate point on wallet)

Capable of integrating with mobile ordering platforms and payment cards

Read more about our integration with Grubhub [basically host the press release on a blog on our site for internal clicks]!

Supports SSO authentication


Works with any packaging

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

No expensive hardware or collection machines needed

Students can download their pass to their mobile wallet for quick and easy checkout in residential (either part of this point or a separate point on wallet)

All-star client success team

From a student SMS line to ongoing marketing materials and reporting, Topanga’s client success team provides end-to-end support to ensure your program is a success.

Seamlessly supports residential and retail experiences

Students can download their ReusePass QR to their mobile wallet for fast and easy check-out in residential dining halls. 

Our mobile ordering integrations support container rentals in order-ahead environments.  Learn more about our partnership with Grubhub>

Works well with any reusable packaging

Use your existing packaging fleet or have our team help you procure new reusable containers. Coffee cups, clamshells, soup containers - we can support it all.

Supports SSO authentication

Our single-sign on integrations enable campuses to authenticate student users and easily associate ReusePass activity with verified student accounts to support with charging late fees

No expensive hardware or collection machines needed

Our operator-facing ScanApp can be downloaded on any device, so it’s easy to add into your current operations.


Topanga's reusable container programs are proven.

These are the results you could see during year 1 of a ReusePass reusables program. We've used real data from one of our client's program to calculate these results. This campus offered ReusePass in one dining hall and saw on average 1500 participants and 600 reuse meals per day.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can enable reuse on your campus.

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