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We're powering the future of consumption

We support the transition to circular consumption by making it easier for brands and organizations to switch to reusable packaging and improve their environmental impact. 

We're operators, builders, and strategists. We've learned first-hand what it takes to launch a reusable packaging program. Through our platform, products, and expertise, we give our clients the tools to succeed. 

Our story


We started as tech-saavy closed-loop operators.

Our journey started as operators of a closed-loop market in Los Angeles. We brought groceries to customers in glass containers, like the milkman.

Customer's loved the reusable packaging. Operationally, we needed tools to help us execute and keep track of our containers. 

image (2).png

We custom built technology to manage our reusable packaging program.

From fulfillment and tracking to customer experience, our software suite helped manage and optimize each step of the reusable packaging program. 

We recognized these tools could help other companies go circular, so we chose to share them with other operators. 

Today, our platform makes it possible for any business to offer a reusable packaging program.

Our goal is to ensure all businesses can choose to participate in the circular economy.  

The Topanga platform removes blind spots and hurdles, propelling circularity forward.


Our team

We're systems-thinkers. We're obsessed with technology and data. We reject throwaway culture and, obviously, we love loops.


Page Schult


Has memorized municipal recyling rules

head shot.jpg

Hilary Tjian

VP of

Client Success

Does not tolerate food waste - eats apple cores


Ali Deambrosio

Customer Operations Specialist

Lives in SF for the municipal composting

Margaux San Clemente 22.jpg

Margaux Moses

Client Success


Regular at the local refill shop


Max Olshansky


Big EV guy


Sara Saucedo

Client Success Manager

Named "Sustainability Superstar" at company retreat 


Max Richman

Head of Data and Financial Analysis

Wears bowties fashioned from reclaimed fabrics

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 10.56.39 AM.png

Adam Bailey

President and CTO

Hunter and gatherer

Jack 1.png

Jack Pearl

Senior Client Success


Takes the subway everywhere

image (18).png

Don Briggs

Software Engineering Manager

Takes Los Angeles public transit 


Hayley Bance

VP of Design and Experience

Refuses to use paper-towels or plastic bags


Gilly Johnson

Senior Product


Only buys in bulk


Sajni Patel

Director of Sales

Actually studied sustainability in college

IMG_5883 (1).jpg

Wesley Jin

Lead Software


Has had the same ThermoFlask for 7+ years


Cayla Co

Senior Software


Loves to thrift and repurpose old items


Kristen Goldberg

Senior Brand Manager

Loves a vintage moment

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