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Healthcare Dining & Culinary Management

Elevate your impact with Topanga 

Our track-and-trace reusables programs are proven to support culinary programs of all sizes, creating a frictionless experience for operators and diners alike.

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Cut packaging costs and achieve high reusable return rates across employee, guest, and patient dining.

  • Packaging agnostic platform allows communities to choose the packaging that meets their needs across dining formats.

  • White glove services ensure a streamlined launch and impactful ROI

  • Turn-key marketing signage and custom impact reporting drive collective action and ensure diner engagement

  • Customizable program parameters allow you to send SMS return reminds, collect late fees, or add surcharges on single-use packaging


Curious about the benefits of switching to reusable packaging?  Read our overview on the business advantages of reusables and see how much money you could save. 

Transparency, delivered. 

Our product suite serves actionable insights along with data you can trust.


Say goodbye to wasting money on single-use packaging and hello to reusable packaging programs that drive cost savings and reduce waste. 

  • Use our ScanApp or laborless RFID technology for seamless data capture

  • Track your diner's participation and return rates

  • Monitor your return rates and reuse rates  and manage inventory across locations

  • Amplify your environmental reporting and cost-savings opportunity  with accurate impact data


Topanga's award-winning reusable programs are proven. 

We're trusted 50+ kitchen operations and partnered with the world's leading food service providers. 

"We spent several months researching the best reusables tracking program. Topanga offered the tools and support needed for our aspirations. They have been very helpful in identifying opportunities to improve our operations. Our clients are impressed monthly when they see our environmental progress together." 

Sustainability Manager of the Harvest Table Culinary Group

Results from Harvest Table Campus
  • 98% return rate

  • <$0.13 per use, 74% cheaper than single-use

  • 58,204 lbs of GHG diverted from the atmosphere

  • $45,000 dollars saved

Reusable jars

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