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Dashboard | New reuse rate and asset usage modules

As part of our ongoing improvements to the dashboard overview page, we've added 2 new modules: Reuse rate and Asset usage! Here's a brief overview of what you need to know about them.

Why are these modules helpful?

Reuse rate and asset usage help you track and monitor your inventory and usage, to better understand your inventory flow and operations and to hone into the ROI with reusables. In terms of reusable container materials, we typically see that polypropylene containers need to be used 3–4 times to break even and outperform single-use compostable containers, versus 8–10 times for stainless steel to outperform single-use compostables.

Reuse rate

Reuse rate is the number of closed loops per asset for assets that have been used at least once. The graph breaks down all assets, used 1 or more times, by their total number of uses. At the top of the module you'll notice the average reuse rate, which helps to understand ROI, and a reference link to the number of loops for your most used asset.

Ideally as your program matures you’ll see a bell curve shape on the graph, with most of your assets falling into the middle range of uses. To increase your reuse rate, implement the “first-in-first-out” method to cycle your inventory more effectively and keep less inventory in circulation so that the same assets are being used over and over.

Reuse rate module

Asset usage

The asset usage module shows an all-time breakdown of assets, and, in combination with return rate, will help you gauge the lifespan of containers. The number of available assets is based on programmed tags, either QR or RFID depending on your program (NOT the physical number of containers).

  • Active assets have been on at least one loop

  • Never used assets have not yet gone on their first loop

  • Retired assets are those that have been deliberately removed from circulation

  • Lost assets are those that have gone out on a loop, but have not been scanned back into circulation in 30+ days. This number will fluctuate in quantity over time as containers may eventually be returned and scanned back in

Asset usage module


Stay tuned for additional information and in-depth tutorials on how to use and interpret information on the overview page at ReusePass Academy. As always, please reach out to our team with any questions!

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