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Live Demo of Topanga Products for Reusables Programs CTO Adam Bailey and CRO Max Olshansky

Curious about Topanga’s suite of products for reusables programs and what leveraging them could look like in your culinary program? Watch this open session webinar, hosted by Topanga CTO Adam Bailey and CRO Max Olshansky, where they led live demos of the Topanga products that power our ReusePass reusables programs.

During the demonstration, you will see the following:

  • Extensive walk through of the Topanga Dashboard, featuring our highly-accurate data capture, analytics, and impact reporting.

  • In-depth comparison of the Topanga ScanApp vs. RFID scanning––where and when we would recommend each.

  • Deep dive into measuring ROI for a financially viable reusables program that reveals your biggest blindspots.

  • How to leverage Topanga's ROI calculator to understand your potential cost savings + positive environmental impact, and get an accurate quote.

  • And more!


Interested in seeing what Topanga's products could look like in your dining program? Reach out to us at to set up a time to chat.

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