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Why Vanderbilt Made the Switch to Topanga’s ReusePass Reusables Program

With Jeff Weissinger, Vanderbilt Assistant Director of Campus Dining, and Max Olshansky, Topanga Co-Founder and CRO

After experiencing minimal student engagement and low return rates with reusables, Vanderbilt was ready to make the switch to a reusables program that could actually increase reuse adoption, make a larger environmental impact, and save them more money. In this live webinar, Vanderbilt Assistant Director of Campus Dining Jeff Weissinger will join Topanga Co-Founder and CRO Max Olshansky to discuss Vanderbilt’s history of reuse and all the reasons why they decided to switch to Topanga’s ReusePass reusables program, including the following:

  • The ease of switching to a packaging-agnostic reusables program.

  • How they are now saving thousands of dollars per month on single-use packaging costs.

  • The value of individually tracking a person and not a token.

  • Why they expanded from 3 to 7 residential dining halls and into retail as well.

  • How implementing RFID scanning helped them reduce labor costs.

  • And more!

Now more than half of Vanderbilt’s undergrad population is choosing to reuse via ReusePass with multiple students having rented more than 100 containers this academic school year.


Interested in making these stats a reality on your campus? Reach out to us at

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